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28 September 2022

Join the Tools for Teaching Network

Where do you share ideas and learn tips about all the digital tools for teaching and learning available at Deakin? In response to the pandemic, the way Deakin learning support staff seek and share advice and tips about our teaching practice has changed. With the rapid shift to online teaching and learning, lots of different Microsoft Teams sites were created for various digital tools or platforms used for teaching and learning at Deakin. You can now join the new Tools for Teaching Network (T4T) Microsoft Teams site, open to all Deakin staff with an interest in digital tools and technology to help facilitate learning.

Streamlining access to EdTech

With so many sites about digital teaching tools to choose from, it can be hard to navigate and find what you need. To make it easier, we have created the T4T Microsoft Teams site as a new one-stop space for Deakin staff to come together and network with others also using the myriad of EdTech that underpins Deakin’s Digital Learning Environment.

Our aim was to create a multi-purpose shared space for staff to seek advice, share knowledge and information, resources, and best practice. Some of the previous Microsoft Teams site conversations have been merged into the T4T site and many others will be archived to allow you to search past posts and files if needed.

‘I find the T4T Network, especially the FeedbackFruits (FBF) channel really useful and helpful in finding more about functions and capabilities in FBF that I was not aware of,’ says Dr Kaori Yokochi, Lecturer of Life and Environmental Sciences. ‘It’s great that we can hear directly from digital innovation and learning support staff about the tool and functions that are available to us and hear the experiences and ideas of other users with whom I probably would not have interacted if this platform did not exist. Full of great ideas and inspirations!’

Connect with other Deakin staff

It is clear there is a lot of great teaching and learning work happening at Deakin and the T4T Microsoft Teams site is a great way to see what is happening beyond our own school or faculty. So please, join the network and share your stories, tell us what you need or want, and encourage your colleagues to join as well!

Elizabeth Delacretaz, Learning and Teaching Librarian, is particularly impressed with the how the network connects Deakin staff. ‘The T4T Network is a fantastic space, bringing together staff from across the Uni into one spot where we can share our experience with digital tools. It is so handy to have access to a range of relevant sites from within the Microsoft Teams space. I can easily jump to the training resources, ask a question, or promote a digital demo from the one location. I love it!’

Look out for our regular ‘Tips, Tricks and Timer Savers’ posts within the General channel too, where we will be sharing some of our favourite tips and advice to make teaching admin easier.

Join the T4T Microsoft Teams site today!

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