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Tales of Teaching Online Episode 55

20 September 2022

Embedding First Nations Knowledges and Ways of Knowing into the curriculum

Associate Professor Barbie Panther talks to Dr Tiffany Gunning, a Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Design in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE) about how she is working with her faculty to embed First Nations Knowledges and Ways of Knowing into the curriculum.

Tiffany shares how an authentic assessment project designed to build capability in employability led to consultation across the faculty and identified a need to embed First Nations Knowledges into the SEBE curriculum.

One of the initial challenges was figuring out how to apply First Nations Knowledges across a whole course. As a starting point, they collaborated with unit chairs and teaching teams to brainstorm ideas around a first-year unit, Engineering in Society, which has a focus on design and the environment. For example, the context of the unit was focused on big arenas, so one of the four new modules they built drew on the history of how First Nations peoples have been represented over time at the Olympic Games in Australia.

She also discusses how one of the biggest challenges was building the confidence to start the process and highlights the importance of a collaborative approach that includes the support of First Nations peoples.

Listen to the podcast for the full conversation.

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