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Tales of Teaching Online Episode 53

31 August 2022

Developing an inclusive and accessible Active Reading Guide for students

Reading and the ability to engage with different texts is a fundamental skill that students learn in their education journey. But where do students go to learn how to do this? In Episode 53 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast Dr Jo Elliott talks to Karla Wells-Duerr about creating an Active Reading guide to support students to develop this core skill.

Awarded the Accessibility in Action Award by the Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET), the Active Reading Guide was created to bridge gaps in core reading skills and remove the barriers faced by students when developing their ability to engage in academic and critical reading. The aim was to provide a more positive, inclusive and accessible student experience and encourage students to engage with a wide variety of readings.

The Active Reading Guide was created in collaboration with the Deakin University Library and provides students with the self-paced resources they need to develop their active reading and learning skills, from how to read different types of information, to reading and taking purposeful notes.

Join Jo and Karla as they talk about how the Active Reading Guide was created, including recommendations for how you can create support resources for your students.

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