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5 July 2022

How to access past Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session recordings

Now that Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has been fully decommissioned at Deakin, how do you access past session recordings?

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is no longer accessible through CloudDeakin, with staff and students unable to access the platform for running virtual classrooms or to view or retrieve previous recordings of learning activities. Zoom is now Deakin’s recommended platform for online classes and seminars.

How to access past recordings

Please speak with your Faculty Learning Innovations Team if you need to retrieve any session recordings or to discuss alternative tools available for your needs. When making a request, be sure to include the unit code, year, trimester and the sessions you would like to retrieve.

Contact details for each Faculty Learning Innovations Team:

This process of retrieving recordings will be open until the end of Trimester 1, 2023.

Learn more about using Zoom for teaching

To learn about using Zoom in your unit for connecting with your students please visit our CloudDeakin Guides on using Zoom. You can also visit the Training Resources for using Zoom for teaching a learning which will enable you to better understand the Zoom platform and how to best use it within your unit.

If you are wanting to facilitate online collaboration, you can also incorporate MS Teams into your unit. You can get started with MS Teams by visiting the MS Teams for collaboration page on DTeach.

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