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Tales of Teaching Online Podcast: Episode 49

27 June 2022

The Integrated Learning Project: creating the DeakinDesign principles and practices

In episode 49 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast, Associate Professor Chie Adachi talks with Associate Professor Darci Taylor about the Integrated Learning Project and the creation of the new DeakinDesign principles and practices.

Reimagining teaching and learning

COVID-19 was a massive disruptor to the higher education sector. At Deakin University, it provided us with an opportunity to reimagine what the future of teaching and learning might look like. Building on existing teaching and learning practices, the Integrated Learning Project allowed us to reflect on the staff and student experiences during the push to online learning driven by the pandemic.

Creating new principles and practices

The end result of the Integrated Learning Project was the new DeakinDesign principles and practices, which underpin the design and delivery of teaching, learning, assessment and feedback activities at Deakin that will establish our distinct model of digital education.

DeakinDesign prompts us to ask questions about how digital technology is informing teaching and learning experiences. These principles and practices emerged using a ground-up approach and wide consultation across Deakin University. We also examined the existing body of literature to ensure we took an evidence-informed approach and undertook a horizon scan of the higher education sector.

The beginning of a journey

This is just the start of a long journey in enacting the DeakinDesign principles and practices as we continue to raise awareness and encourage teaching teams to consider how they might use these principles in a way that is meaningful to them and their students.

Listen to episode 49 of the Tales of Teaching podcast to hear the full conversation.

Access transcript.

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