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Tales of Teaching Online episode 47

31 May 2022

Reimagining end of unit assessment and exams

In episode 47 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast Dr Kelli Nicola-Richmond and Associate Professor Chie Adachi discuss the opportunity that was created during COVID-19 to reimagine exams.

What does it take to reimagine exams? Deakin University didn’t waste the opportunity that was created during COVID-19 when all teaching and learning practices moved online.

During 2019, Deakin conducted around 200,000 closed-book on-campus exams. The Reimaging Exams Project led by Dr Kelli Nicola-Richmond challenged the role of exams in teaching and learning in order to create more authentic and inclusive experiences for students. Kelli emphasises that this project wasn’t just about changing the delivery method of exams, it was about facilitating a change in practice.

The project took a ground-up approach to rethinking assessment design and practice, with consultation with nearly 500 teaching staff and students, while also engaging with the existing literature and latest trends in higher education. Although there were challenges along the way in coordinating complex layers of engagement, the findings from the project set the scene for a new educational and assessment model for Deakin.  

The Reimagining Exams Project represents the start of a long journey, one that will continue to be transformative for all those involved.

Listen to episode 47 to hear more from Associate Professor Chie Adachi and Dr Kelli Nicola-Richmond as they discuss the Reimagining Exams Project – the benefits, challenges and next steps.

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