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Tales of Teaching Online podcast: Episode 45

13 May 2022

Designing online units using Indigenous pedagogies

In episode 45 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast, Rebecca Gerrett-Magee and Erik Beyersdorf share their story with Joan Sutherland about how they applied Indigenous pedagogies to rethink the design and delivery of online units.

At the beginning of COVID-19, Rebecca could not have imagined how she could implement her pedagogical principles of country, culture, and connection to the virtual space. She commends Erik and the team on the constructive dialogue that was created to ensure her approach was not lost in translation. By listening and embedding themselves in the process, they were able to understand the purpose and reflect on the meaning of country, culture, and connection through visual storytelling.

They highlight the importance of creating authentic resources across multiple pathways so students can decide on their approach and what resources they engage with. Including multiple invitations to engage in diverse ways was an integral part of the design process.

The support of the CloudFirst team enabled Rebecca to translate her face-to-face teaching practices to the virtual space. She also explores other ways in which you can get started using Open Educational Resources (OER). Whatever methods you use, Rebecca recommends that you are authentic in your approach and are open to having a conversation.

Listen to episode 45 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast for the full conversation.

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