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Tales of Teaching Online podacast: Episode 42

8 April 2022

An international student’s perspective on student internships

What are the benefits of a student internship? In the latest episode of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast we spoke to Emma Giudici, a student intern from the University of Glasgow, who has been working in Deakin Learning Futures to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video platforms across Higher Education.

Through the implementation of different initiatives, including the role of video and AI in teaching and learning, Emma was engaged to provide valuable insights into this process and inform the recommendations for next steps. She also helped shape the role by voicing what she wanted to get out of the internship, which formed specific outcomes monitored by her mentor.

This international partnership has enabled Emma to be an integral part of key projects, including how AI automated feedback can help students in their academic writing. In addition, she has helped in the analysis of video platforms across different higher education institutions to provide insights and recommendations.

Emma was supported by her mentor, Sureikha Ratnatunga, a Business Analyst, who provided support, connection, and guidance throughout the process. You can’t underestimate the role of a mentor, with Emma citing that Sureikha’s mentorship was key and although there were geographical differences, there was ‘more of a human connection even through the screen.’

Listen to the podcast with Joan Sutherland and Emma Giudici sharing how her experience has shaped her and her perspective on internships.

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