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15 December 2021

Deakin’s digital teaching toolkit

Deakin teaching teams have a range of digital tools available for use including Padlet, Zoom, Mural and others. We take a look at some of these resources that have supported teaching during times of online learning that continue to have practical ongoing applications as we return to campus. If you’re not sure where to start, Deakin staff can visit the Training resources SharePoint site for an overview of software that can be used to support teaching and learning.


Padlet is an interactive board for sharing diverse types of multimedia resources such as images, video, audio, and text. It is an invaluable tool to support student collaboration and connection online as well as a useful teaching aid to share visual artefacts and encourage feedback. Follow the steps to secure your Padlet Enterprise License or transfer an existing license to the enterprise version. For more tips for using Padlet, visit Padlet for active learning. 

Already have a license and you want to transfer your Padlet’s to the enterprise account? 

No problem. Just follow the instructions outlined in the Padlet Enterprise License information and Padlet will organise this for you within 7 days of your request.  


Zoom is Deakin’s recommended platform for synchronous online classes and seminars. If you haven’t fully explored the functionality available to support teaching via the Zoom platform, it’s worth taking the time to review the Zoom training resource. For example, live-captioning is one function that can increase accessibility and promote greater learning in classes. Access the article on live-captioning Zoom classes, to find out how it’s done and read more about the benefits to all students.   

Microsoft Teams 

Students and teachers benefit from using digital tools that cultivate collaboration, connection and the creation of online learning communities. Microsoft Teams provides a collaborative and centralised hub for online teaching and learning, with features like virtual whiteboards, integrated meetings, chat, files and more. MS Teams is often spoken about in isolation, but it is part of a suite of applications that can be used to optimise digital learning. For example this year, Deakin trialled a Q&A bot that answers student queries in Microsoft Teams. New to Microsoft Teams and want to know how to get started? Look at the training resource article on using Microsoft Teams in Teaching and Learning.   

Looking for more digital tools to support your teaching? 

Browse through the Training resources site for more tips on using digital tools for teaching and learning, including how to incorporate Mentimeter in teaching and learning or using MURAL for active learning. There is also so much more you can do with Microsoft Office suite – find out how to support student project work using Microsoft lists, or browse the articles on Microsoft 365, including collaborative learninginquiry-based learning and project-based learning for more inspiration!  

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