Blackboard Collaborate Ultra no longer available for teaching 



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In July 2021, we announced that Zoom is now Deakin’s recommended platform for online classes and seminars. In 2022, we will be decommissioning Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbC Ultra). 

As BbC Ultra is no longer available for teaching, we have removed the BbC Ultra LTI (learning tool integration) link from new unit sites.  

What does this mean for me?

If you create content for unit sites, the removal of the BbC Ultra means that you will not be able to integrate BbC Ultra in unit sites for T1 2022 and beyond. It will not impact older unit sites (including those for T3 2021) which already use the integration. 

Deakin staff can learn more about Using Zoom for Learning and Teaching and browse other articles on the Training Resources SharePoint site. 

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