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Teaching and Learning (T&L) information on DeakinHub has been updated, providing one central location for information relating to teaching and learning at Deakin. The content project commenced in 2020 after seeking feedback from teaching teams about how they access information relevant to their work. We discovered that one of the biggest frustrations faced by academic and teaching staff was difficulty in finding the information they needed in a centralised location.  

The project engaged academic and professional staff from across the University and was supported through working groups that included digital communications and user experience specialists. The result of almost 12 months’ work is a comprehensive site that is also easy to navigate. An updated menu means teaching teams can easily access resources for developing units, assessment and feedback practices and supporting students. There are also opportunities for capability building and communities of practice as well as events and news feeds. The redeveloped space has been built from the extensive information that was published in the Leading Courses guide, now updated and digitised to keep it current and sustainable. 

Future enhancement of T&L content will see the redevelopment of the DTeach website as a space for sharing innovations in teaching practice from across the University to internal and external audiences. This project is already underway and the new site will be live by the beginning of 2022. 

In the meantime, Deakin staff can explore the updated T&L content on DeakinHub and are encouraged to provide feedback. 



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