New opportunity to collaborate with students for digital learning innovation



Student Partners
Digital Learning

Collaboration and partnership are vital to the work of the Digital Learning team in Deakin Learning Futures. We partner with teaching staff to pilot new platforms for learning and teaching, testing those platforms out in the environment and scenarios  for future use.

When developing resources and training materials, the Digital Learning team collection with faculty Learning Environments/CloudDeakin support teams, DLF Pods and teaching teams. This helps us make sure that the resources meet the needs of the people who will use them.

More formally, we collaborate with representatives from the Pods, faculty Learning Environments / CloudDeakin support teams, eSolutions and the Deakin Library. The team also works with other members of Deakin Learning Futures through the Digital Learning Environment and Innovation Strategy and Implementation Groups. These groups collectively decide the strategic development and enhancement of Deakin’s Digital Learning Environment.

Increasingly we also partner and collaborate with students via Students-as-Partners projects and other opportunities to provide feedback on and shape digital learning at Deakin. Student involvement that informs our practice and strategy is usually linked to specific projects or aspects of our work – until now.

In 2022, we will launch the Digital Learning Student Partnership Group to embed student voices and perspectives into the design, delivery, and evaluation of Deakin’s Digital Learning Environment. The Student Partnership Group will comprise 10 – 12 current Deakin students recruited to maximise diversity in courses, campuses, and background. It will involve them in decisions about and provide insights on their experience of the Digital Learning Environment to inform current practice and future direction.

The Digital Learning Student Partnership Group will meet four times a year for two-hour online interactive workshops focused on addressing a question, challenge or opportunity related to Deakin’s Digital Learning Environment. Student partners will report back to the Digital Learning Environments and Innovation Strategy and Implementation Groups following each workshop.

You can expect to hear a lot more about this group next year – we’re pretty excited about it! If you’d like to find out more about starting a Student Partnership Group in your area, contact Mollie Dollinger (Office of the Dean of Students) at

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