New PebblePad Guide helps students build their portfolios

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Earlier this year, the Deakin Learning Futures team added eportfolio platform PebblePad to our suite of digital tools to support student learning. Students can use portfolios to help collate and curate evidence of their learning and capabilities. They can reflect on their learning journey and identify connections between different learning experiences across and beyond their course.

Now we’re launching our new PebblePad Student Guide to support students in using PebblePad to build their portfolio of evidence of what they know and what they can do. The Guide introduces PebblePad and eportfolios, coupled with illustrated step-by-step instructions and videos to assist students in building their skills and familiarity with PebblePad. It also includes helpful hints and suggestions about organising and contextualising evidence of student learning and achievement

If you use PebblePad in your unit, you can link directly to the PebblePad Student Guide from your unit site. Students can also access the Guide from the student CloudDeakin guides.

To learn more about PebblePad and how you can use it in your teaching, check out the ‘Using Portfolios for Learning and Teaching’ resource on DTeach.


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