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Transitioning teaching online requires new ways of teaching, facilitating, and using software that has previously gone unnoticed. It brings many challenges in a rapidly developing environment, with new or updated software features and provides an opportunity for innovative and inclusive teaching and learning.  

To help this transition at Deakin, Senior Education Developers, Joan Sutherland and Tara Draper, experts in applying digital technology to online learning, facilitated a series of 30-minute online workshops. The workshops are designed to support teaching and learning staff to implement strategies and software to facilitate active learning online. Participants actively experienced activities and software from a learner perspective. The series covered a suite of individual software and focused on strategies applicable across different software.  

Joan and Tara reflected on the recent workshops.

‘We have both enjoyed facilitating the 10 sessions across October and sharing our knowledge with the 268 registered participants. All training was well received with participants overwhelmingly indicating that it was relevant to their needs; they gained new knowledge and skills; and built confidence using different software.’ 

Support Resources 

Asynchronous resources from the series are now available to all Deakin staff.

  • Microsoft Teams staff training resource
  • Microsoft Teams student training resource
  • Mentimeter for connected learning
  • Zoom for online classes and seminars
  • Mural
  • Practical tips for facilitating online
  • Padlet for active learning 
  • Collaboration use case library
  • Microsoft Teams use case library


Positive feedback and planning for future workshops

Participants responded positively to the training, particularly the authentic and practical active learning from a students’ viewpoint. Participants built capability using different features and planned to incorporate them into their teaching. 

The session duration received mixed reviews. Many liked the short practical aspects of the ‘How-to’ type sessions. Others suggested longer sessions to allow more opportunities to explore key concepts or respond to specific needs or questions. Joan and Tara will revisit the session design to ensure ample opportunities for varying skill levels and more targeted training based on prior experience. They will also include the opportunity for participants to suggest areas they would like to address within the training session.

Consistently participants recommended that all staff should attend future workshops. This positive feedback reflects the ongoing commitment by Deakin Learning Futures to support faculties and teaching and learning teams to deliver online. 

Get involved 

If you would like to get involved in working groups for digital collaboration, please register your interest online. Further updates will be sent in early 2022. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future training via the online feedback form.


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