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26 August 2021

The return to on-campus teaching after remote learning

Returning to on-campus teaching after long periods of remote learning can pose a number of challenges. It’s possible that lockdowns and other public health restrictions will remain into the future, and when we do go back to campus, how we teach and the platforms we use may have changed. Here are some steps to take to make sure your return to Deakin campuses goes as smoothly as possible. Visit the campus reactivation website for the latest information about returning and how to stay safe.  

Think about what equipment, functions or systems you need 

We have become accustomed to using platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, which allow us to easily record classes and seminars for students who cannot attend the class in real time or wish to review the content. These platforms also allow us to connect with students and colleagues across multiple locations. But our campus classrooms do not all have the same systems and set-up – while some allow connection to a Zoom meeting, others use Deakin Video’s Classroom Capture for recording and still others might not have recording or conferencing functions at all. 

Think carefully about what you plan to do in the classroom. If the class needs to be recorded, or you wish to connect multiple locations online, or use a particular platform, make sure you tell your Faculty Timetabler so the timetabling team can allocate a suitable classroom. 

Note that classroom activities are not automatically recorded. Activities will only be recorded if you indicate the requirement to your Faculty Timetabler before the timetable is published, and you are scheduled in a Deakin Video (Mediasite) enabled venue. To record an on-campus class or seminar without a request in your initial booking, notify your Faculty Timetabler as soon as possible, and allow 24 hours for the booking to be created or updated. For an urgent booking or to make changes at short notice, you need to contact Deakin eSolutions (1800 463 888). 

Find out what equipment you have access to 

You can use the IT facilities in Deakin spaces AV inventory to search IT facilities available in classrooms and meeting spaces.  You can search the inventory by room, room type, building and facilities, or equipment. 

Learn how the facilities work 

There are different interfaces or systems depending on which room you are in. The AV & Networks team is working hard to update all of these to the Deakin Audio-Visual Environment (DAVE) to provide a simpler and more consistent experience. 

While this work is underway, it’s a good idea to use the AV Inventory to check which interface you’ll be using so you can get your classroom set up and ready to go as quickly as possible on the day.  The interface/system in the room is typically displayed first in the list of features. You can click on the ‘i’ (Information) icon on the feature in the inventory to view further information and user guides relevant to that system. 

If you would like to discuss COVIDSafe options to achieve your class objectives across any of the Deakin physical campus locations, and how the AV systems might support this, you can book a consultation or training session with Andy Brader from the Learning Spaces Transformations team. 

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