Design thinking with MURAL


JULY, 2021

Digital Tools
Team Collaboration
Teaching and Learning Online

Design thinking is a mindset and approach which empowers people to think innovatively and critically. In teaching and learning, design thinking is increasingly used by instructors to design educational programs and curricula collaboratively and to equip students with a range of skills such as problem-solving and collaborative skills that are critical in the workplace.

MURAL has emerged as a tool par excellence for design thinking as it provides shareable, collaborative, digital canvases, and a large selection of pre-built templates for real-time and asynchronous collaboration. MURAL has been expanding its capabilities for use in teaching and learning and currently offers free education licences for academic staff.

Although MURAL is not a Deakin-supported tool, it is starting to be more widely used. The availability of vendor support, its wide range of features and the affordances of the free education licence position it as agood tool for design thinking.

MURAL can also be used for a range of other learning activities such as icebreakers, reflections, and project-related activities such as group problem-solving.

We recommend using MURAL yourself and developing your knowledge before using it in your units with students. 

Take a look at this MURAL user guide which was developed by Deakin’s Digital Innovations team to learn more. This guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to request for a free education licence, and discusses some use cases, the pros and cons of using MURAL and includes links to other resources and training opportunities which will help you get started in using MURAL.

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