Deakin launches Open Educational Resource grant


JUNE, 2021

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Deakin University has launched a grant to support teaching and learning staff to implement Open Educational Resources (OER) in their units. The high cost of learning resources can be a barrier to the success of some students at university. Increasing the OER content in units can ensure student equity of access to resources and increased student success. 

OERs are educational materials that are made available under an open licence enabling usage, sharing and adapting at no cost. As part of the Inclusive Digital Education HEPPP Project, the Open Educational Resource Grant will support staff in using OERs in their teaching and learning.  

This month, Open Educational Resource grants valued at $3000 each, were awarded to Deakin teaching and learning teams and individuals across all four faculties. The grants will support them in the use, development and adaptation of OERs in their unit instead of commercial content.  

The grant recipients will develop OERs projects for use within their unit that will support and benefit all students. 

Some of the exciting examples of the OER projects planned include: 

  • Open interactive textbook for Early Childhood Education 
  • 3D interactive tour of a structure in Architecture and Built Environment
  • Development of a slide deck of MRI images
  • Compilation of case studies relevant to Australian human resources

In addition to the funds, the recipients will also have access to advice and services from the library and Deakin Learning Futures. The recipients also now form part of the Community of Practice to share experiences and ask questions. 

We congratulate the first cohort of OER grant recipients in the program. The full list of recipients can be found on the Deakin Library site. 

For further information about the OER Grant scheme, contact Angie WilliamsonCoordinator, Open Education. 

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