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JUNE, 2021
Digital innovation
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Everyone working in higher education has been affected in some way by the unprecedented changes that we’ve seen in the sector over the past year. COVID-19 forced all Australian universities to adapt to the rapid transition to online and blended learning. While these changes have brought many challenges, they have also created opportunity for innovation in the ways we deliver teaching and learning experiences. Deakin’s extensive experience in online education has been fundamental in our rapid shift to wholly online delivery. This history of innovation in online education is central to our new educational transformation initiative: DeakinDesign.

DeakinDesign projects 

DeakinDesign is a University-wide program that proposes innovative changes to our distinctive model of digital education. In 2021, the program will begin the investigation phase of the two key project areas: Integrated Learning and Re-imagining Examinations. The project teams will be reaching out teaching and learning staff as well as students to gather insight on these two areas. This cross-University collaboration is central to the success of the overall program, and we need you to be involved. 

The Integrated Learning project aims to move beyond traditional notions of blended learning to build a new model that harnesses digital, physical and human connections to build learning communities. The Reimagining Examinations project aims to reimagine end-of-trimester exams, focusing on authentic assessment that produces work-ready graduates for a post-COVID future. 

Both of these projects recognise that the delivery of premium quality learning experiences to suit the diverse needs of learners and graduates in a changing digital world, requires a re-imagined approach to education.

Deakin staff – get involved 

The success of DeakinDesign will depend on collaboration with teaching teams and students across the University. There will be multiple opportunities to contribute your insights and ideas about online and blended learning. If you have been exploring innovative ways to blend different types of student experiences or alternative types of final assessment we want to hear about it. The Project Leads will also be looking for early adopters to pilot elements of DeakinDesign in 2022. 

Find out more 

Deakin staff can contact the Project Leads to share your story or register interest to be part of the early adopter group. Contact Integrated Learning Project Lead Darci Taylor, and Reimagining Exams Project Leads Kelli Nicola-Richmond and Leanne Ngo 

To find out more about the projects and keep up to date with project news, visit the DeakinDesign SharePoint site and download the DeakinDesign FAQs. 

Watch the video DeakinDesign: A conversation with Liz Johnson and Darci Taylor to find out more about the program. 

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