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MAY, 2021
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As more and more people have been using Zoom for teaching, we’ve been piloting an integration between Zoom and CloudDeakin to make it easier to schedule and join Zoom sessions, and access recordings, directly from unit sites. Following successful pilots in T3 2020 and T1 2021, we are now pleased to be able to make this integration available in all unit sites!

How does the integration work?

Teaching teams can use the integration (‘Zoom LTI’) to schedule classes or seminars for the unit in Zoom – these are linked to the Zoom account of the person who scheduled them, but appear in a list within the unit site. Zoom sessions that have already been scheduled can be imported into the unit site using the LTI. Staff and students can then join the session from the unit site. If the session is recorded to the Cloud, the recording will automatically be accessible via the unit site. If you use Zoom for teaching, we recommend that you use the Zoom LTI to create a simpler experience for you and your students.

How do I set it up?

You can set up the LTI in your unit site by clicking on ‘Existing activities’. From there, go to ‘External Learning Tools’ and select ‘Zoom’. Find out more about how to use the LTI to schedule Zoom classes.


What else do I need to know about using Zoom for teaching?

Your Zoom account can be used to host meetings for up to 300 participants, with breakout rooms, polling, whiteboards, chat and video- and audio-access for all participants. If you need to set up a Zoom class for between 300 and 500 students, extended licenses are available upon request to eSolutions Service Desk – these allow you to schedule meetings, with full interactivity, for up to 500 participants.

Important note: We recommend that sessions are scheduled by the staff member who will be running them. If more than two concurrent or overlapping sessions are scheduled with the same hosts/co-hosts, access to sessions may be compromised.

If you need to set up a Zoom class for between 500 and 1000 participants, there are a limited number of webinar licenses available. Webinars do not support breakout rooms, whiteboards or video- and audio-access for all participants so you will need to consider other platforms such as Mentimeter or Padlet to make your class interactive – check out the Guide for Teaching Large Classes Online for ideas. Webinars cannot be scheduled through the LTI – contact your faculty Digital Learning / CloudDeakin support team if a webinar is required.

If you intend to use Zoom from within an on-campus classroom, please contact Timetabling to ensure that the allocated teaching space is equipped with Zoom functionality.


Managing Zoom recordings

Zoom has limited storage capacity so if you record your Zoom class and intend to use or keep that recording in subsequent trimesters, you should transfer the recording to DeakinAir. Learn more about transferring recordings.


Find out more

Find out more about how to use Zoom for teaching or contact your faculty Digital Learning / CloudDeakin support team.

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