The guide to teaching large classes online


MARCH, 2021

Teaching Online
Good Practice

Some teaching is moving back to campus but many classes are staying online for now. In the Guide for Teaching Large Classes Online, we explore the platforms available for online classes (including Zoom, MS Teams, BbCollaborate Ultra and on-campus teaching spaces) to make it easier for you to plan your class.

We also explore how you can make your online classes as interactive and engaging as possible, through the use of polling, interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms and other simple tools. You can use these tools to emphasise and help students remember key concepts, check student understanding, discuss and share ideas, and help students connect with their classmates.

Read the Guide for Teaching Large Classes Online.

If you’re thinking about other ways to present content and concepts to students, and use video in your teaching, there’s lots of great tips and helpful guidance in CloudFirst 103. Enrol in CloudFirst 103 and check out Topic 5: Video and Audio to explore the benefits of using these media forms and how you can create simple but engaging video and audio resources for your students.

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