PebblePad Week – Using portfolios for learning and teaching



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Deakin recently added eportfolio platform PebblePad to our suite of digital tools to support student learning. Portfolios can be used to help students collate and curate evidence of their learning and capabilities, reflect on their learning journey and identify connections between different learning experiences across and beyond their course.

Throughout February, teaching teams along with DLF Pods, faculty Learning Environments teams and the Deakin Library, gathered to learn more about PebblePad, portfolios and how to use these to support student learning.

One of the most popular sessions was a panel discussion in which four academics shared their experiences of using PebblePad to support student learning in different contexts. Dr Wayne Read, from the Faculty of Business and Law’s WIL team, incorporated PebblePad into a project-based Entrepreneurship Experience unit to help students self-assess their skills, set learning goals and reflect on their progress, as well as creating a resource they can use to showcase and promote their project to potential investors.

Dr James Lucas and Joleen Ryan from the Social Work Field Education team in the Faculty of Health shared how they used PebblePad to streamline assessment and administrative tasks associated with student placements, creating a simpler and more integrated experience for students, university staff and placement supervisors.

Finally, Dr Elicia Lanham, Academic Director (Teaching) in the School of IT, discussed a course-wide approach, using portfolios to support IT students to explore career options, identify their skill development needs and reflect on their learning and skill development as they progress through their course.

More information about how Wayne, Elicia, James and Joleen are using PebblePad, including sample workbooks, is available in our new resource, Using Portfolios in learning and teaching. This resource also includes more information about the benefits of portfolios for student learning, and how to get started with PebblePad.

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