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 To allow us to protect the integrity of exams, we will be restricting user access to CloudDeakin for the two-week exam period. As per T1 and T2 2020, the below decisions were made and endorsed by the DVCE, PVC T&L and ADTLs in consultation with Faculty T&L support teams. These changes, and the underlying rationale, are outlined below.

Why are we doing this?

A lot of people have various forms of access to CloudDeakin. To help maintain the security of exam replacement tasks, access will be restricted during the exam period. Only Unit Chairs, Associate Deans Teaching and Learning, Associate Heads of School and key CloudDeakin support staff in faculties and eSolutions will have access to CloudDeakin during this period. Students will maintain access to their unit sites but will not be able to view their exam replacement tasks until the scheduled exam timeslot.

Which roles will be affected?

The changes will be implemented slightly differently in each faculty to accommodate faculty processes. The table below shows which roles will be removed from unit sites in each faculty at the start of the exam period and reinstated at the end of the two-week period.

Roles to be removed from unit sites on Monday 8 February
Business and Law Tutor, Marker, Marking Tutor, Auditor (excluding ADTLs), Librarian, Learning Support
SEBE Tutor, Marker, Marking Tutor, Auditor (excluding ADTLs), Librarian, Learning Support
Health Auditor (excluding API team), Librarian, Learning Support, Visitor, Participant
Arts and Education No changes

When will access be removed?

The affected roles will be removed on Monday 8 February by 9am. The roles will be reinstated on Monday 22 February by 9am. Unit chairs and Faculty CloudDeakin support teams will be able to re-enrol staff (e.g. Markers, Tutors, Marking Tutors) in the unit site once the assessment has completed if this access is required before Monday 22 February.

Who to contact for further details?

ArtsEd Digital Learning:

BL Learning Innovations Support:



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