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We’re excited to announce the first round of fellows conferred by the DeakinHE Fellowship program. This first round of four senior fellows and one fellow is only the beginning, with 130 staff seeking fellowships in 2020.

DeakinHE Fellowship is an HEA accredited program that provides learning and teaching professionals the opportunity for formal recognition of practice, impact and leadership.

We spoke to two of the new Deakin HEA Senior Fellows about why they applied and what they got from the experience.

Headshot of Chrstine Contessotto

Dr Christine Contessotto, SFHEA

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Faculty of Business and Law

I value teaching and try to create a safe, authentic and innovative learning space for students. I felt a successful application would provide an opportunity to gain recognition for my teaching and learning leadership and practices both within Deakin and externally. Deakin’s provision of ongoing mentoring, workshops and support throughout the process also encouraged me to apply.

I found the reflection of my practice across the Professional Standards Framework to be extremely valuable. Often, I am so busy ‘doing’ that I don’t stop to reflect. The application forced me to identify the important triggers which have led to my current teaching philosophy and practices, and to provide evidence of my achievements.

I found the reflection of my teaching career to be affirming. As part of the experience I benefitted from engagement with the recent education literature and from taking the time to consider further enhancements to my teaching. In addition, I met other academics in Deakin with a strong interest in teaching and learning and gained insights from our interactions. The experience has enhanced my skills as a professional educator.

Headshot of Meghan Kelly

Associate Professor Meghan Kelly, SFHEA

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Faculty of Arts and Education

I applied for the fellowship because I was appointed to the role of Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning and it seemed insane and somewhat contradictory that I was asking others to consider applying for their Fellowship when I had not applied myself. I decided to prioritize the application, which I was convinced would be a long and daunting process. Instead I found it offered me an opportunity to be reflective, to learn to narrate my contribution to teaching practices and to connect with others to have discussions about what they were doing in their teaching.

The experience has given me a better understanding of how to define my role in teaching and provided me with an opportunity to reflect on why I focused on teaching and learning in my academic career.

The feedback from the program mentor was excellent and helped me to prepare an application that was thorough, and the comments from the referees were humbling and helped me appreciate the work I do and the impact it has on others. Writing this submission was rewarding and I now have documented evidence I can use for promotions and applications for other roles.

Learn more about DeakinHE Fellowships

Expressions of interest for the next round of DeakinHE Fellowships will open in February 2021. To learn more about the Fellowship program, categories and timeline, visit the DeakinHE Fellowship webpage and register to receive an invitation to the information sessions for 2021.

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