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The Digital Learning Environments 3 (DLE3) project is wrapping up after providing exciting new tools to innovate teaching and support digital learning at Deakin University.

There’s a lot we try to achieve as teachers – introducing students to new ideas and ways of thinking, helping them develop their understanding and capabilities, and creating a sense of connection to us and to each other. Deakin’s Digital Learning Environment is designed to facilitate these goals and to help us do what we need to do as teachers in as integrated a way as possible.

Over the last two years, the Digital Learning team in Deakin Learning Futures has been working with staff across the University to evaluate and incorporate some new tools into our arsenal. The DLE3 project aimed to improve our ability to:

DLE3 tools

You’ve probably heard about some of the tools we’ve implemented as part of the DLE3 project – you may even have used them in your own teaching! These tools were selected because of excellent learning opportunities they offer us and our students in digital learning.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports students to work collaboratively, easily share documents and connect with each other, either via chat or a quick meeting – all while giving you oversight of the process and their progress.


Mentimeter, a digital polling tool, allows you to gauge students’ understanding or perceptions of a concept, and gather their questions and feedback, in different ways.  


Through FeedbackFruits, students can review and provide feedback on each other’s work, evaluate their group members’ performance, and assess their own work. FeedbackFruits have recently introduced interactive study materials, which allow you to embed quizzes and polls within video, audio and text documents – and encourage students to ask questions as they work through these materials.


You can use PebblePad to help students build a portfolio evidencing their learning and skills, reflect on their learning, set and track progress towards their goals and develop their professional identity. Students can take their portfolio with them, and continue to add to and refine content following graduation.

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We are wrapping up the DLE3 project at the end of 2020, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop working with these tools. Keep an eye out for more information about other tools in the Microsoft Office suite, and our upcoming resources about using portfolios in your teaching.

For more information about any of these tools, check out the DTeach website or contact

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