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What is your experience of using CloudDeakin? We’re currently running a CloudDeakin User Experience online survey seeking feedback from academic staff to improve our CloudDeakin sites. The rapid transition to online teaching and learning due to COVID-19 has offered us an opportunity to review our current practices and to evaluate how our use meets the needs of our students and staff for the longer term.

We’ve recently run a series of User Experience (UX) workshops to learn more about staff experiences and gather ideas. We’re also running the CloudDeakin User Experience online survey to make sure that all staff have the chance to provide their feedback on Deakin’s current digital learning environment.

We want to better understand the realities of the staff and student experience so we can clearly identify and prioritise the areas and issues that need to be addressed. It’s important that our future plans be based on real lived experiences so we can truly improve the day-to-day experience of our staff and students while teaching and learning online.

The feedback we receive will inform our recommendations for changes to the CloudDeakin minimum standards for course and unit sites. Sharing your experiences and ideas can help to shape the outcome.

If you’re a Deakin academic staff member who has experience with designing, creating and supporting unit and course sites, take the CloudDeakin User Experience online survey to give us your feedback.

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