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November, 2020

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How do you build a CloudFirst unit site? We’ve launched CloudFirst 103, a guide for academic staff that outlines how they can build a do-it-yourself CloudFirst unit site. CloudFirst 103 provides the knowledge needed to work through the three stages of unit development: high-level mapping, learning activity design, and content production of a range of different types of learning resources including videos, podcasts, images and interactives. Academic staff can also access a series of activities outlining the steps required to develop everything needed for a do-it-yourself CloudFirst unit.

CloudFirst 103 is designed so that academics can use it the way that best suits them. Topics can be worked through in a linear sequence to create a DIY CloudFirst unit, or dipped into to build expertise in a specific area of interest, such as video production, H5P interactives or embedded discussions.

Many topics also include an advanced section for those already skilled in that area, or those returning on another CloudFirst transformation that want to take their design skills to the next level.

Deakin staff can join CloudFirst 103 and get started creating their own online units.

CloudFirst 103 builds on the information in the CloudFirst 101 and CloudFirst 102 resources, which guide academics through the CloudFirst learning principles and approach to curriculum design and showcase practical strategies for teaching online from academics running CloudFirst units.

The CloudFirst team

The CloudFirst team was established in late 2017 to transform learning design at Deakin and create premium online exemplars.

The team has worked with over 100 contributors including academics, faculty support staff, librarians, students and external consultants to develop over 600,000 words, 800 videos, 500 images and 400 interactive objects to support student learning across a range of disciplines, including Business, Law, Education and Mathematics. Since the launch of CloudFirst, there have been 16,000 enrolments in CloudFirst units across 5000 students.

The CloudFirst team continues to work on course transformation across all faculties at Deakin and has been ramping up capability building through online training and live workshops, both as a response to academics wanting to progress their own CloudFirst journeys, and the need to transition learning online due to COVID-19.

CloudFirst 103 represents the biggest instructional undertaking of the CloudFirst team to date. To create CloudFirst103 the team refined all their processes, templates, instructions and development tools, including only what’s necessary to achieve a quality DIY CloudFirst unit.

Whether progressing through CloudFirt 103 individually or as part of a teaching team, we are excited to see how academics interact with the resource and to showcase the results of DIY CloudFirst transformations.

Visit the CloudFirst website to learn more.

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