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We are seeking expressions of interest from academic staff who have experience with creating, maintaining and using unit sites, and in particular those who may be new to teaching with CloudDeakin. Workshop sessions will last 1.5 hours and will be conducted via Zoom from 4 to 6 November, facilitated by our Deakin UX specialists. Participation is limited and will be representative across all faculties and roles. Acceptance will be confirmed via email.

In response to COVID-19, academic staff have put a massive amount of effort into the rapid transition to online teaching and learning. This change has urged us to use our tools and environments in new ways to design and deliver information, resources and learning for students. This presents us with an opportunity to review how current practice has been impacted by the rapid transition, and to evaluate how our methods meet the needs of our students and staff in the long term.

This review will follow a structured approach based on UX fundamentals to gather feedback and personal experiences from academic staff and students. The information will be drawn together with specialist UX evaluations and other sources of data to inform a set of recommendations for refinements to our minimum standards (refer clauses 66-68) and practices.

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What is UX?

User Experience or UX design is a commitment to building products (or services) that are created with the person in mind. It starts with studying who the customers are and what they need and taking that information to provide products and services that improve the experience people have when using a system or service. Learn more at our UX Digital Centre of Excellence.

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