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How do you translate the digital affordances of extended reality (XR) into teaching practice and student engagement? Digital innovation in the XR space is fast-paced, complex and wide-ranging. XR for education ranges along a continuum and can include Virtual Reality (VR), 360-degree video, 3D objects or Augmented Reality.

In August, a QUT colleague Sarah Howard delivered a Library Digital Demo that explored this continuum and touched on a multitude of platforms – both freely available or at a cost – using mobile devices and low cost or expensive hardware. In presenting on XR explorations within the library and academic sector, Sarah deliberately designed her content to work in VR. Whether you have a compatible VR headset or not, you can check out Sarah’s interactive presentation on Thinglink. Alternatively, you could watch the recording of the session below.

Deakin Library and XR

With students unable to explore library spaces in person during COVID-19 restrictions, we wanted to shape a digital experience that provided students with an opportunity to explore and connect. We harnessed 360-degree photography and h5p functionality to create interactive virtual tours of three Deakin Library spaces. Each tour allows you to drag your cursor to explore the area, use arrows to navigate around the library, and select hotspots to learn more information about our services and resources.

The library also offers collections which curate XR resources for teaching and learning. Good examples of this are Visible Body, which is a virtual anatomy app that presents the body in 3D form, with users able to hide structures or other layers to see what lies beneath. Anatomy TV has a similar 3D graphical approach to the body for users to explore.

Join a Deakin Library Digital demo

Once a month, a library staff member or guest presenter runs a brief online workshop featuring a new digital tool. The sessions are open to all Deakin staff and academics. It’s a great way to find out about your colleagues’ favourite digital tools and secret workflow hacks, without taking up too much time! Visit the library internal events page to learn more about upcoming Digital Demos or watch for updates in the monthly Network newsletter.

We’re always looking for ideas for future Digital Demos. If you use an online tool or resource that you’re passionate about and would be interested in sharing it with your colleagues, please get in touch with us at

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