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Deakin staff and students have access to a multitude of online platforms and tools to support teaching and learning – so which is the best one to use? Well, that really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

We know that it can be difficult to decide what technologies are best suited to your unit, so we’ve created a new resource to help you with these decisions. The Digital Learning Environments Guide provides information about all of the teaching and learning platforms and tools supported by Deakin.

The guide groups platforms and tools by purpose: whether you want students to acquire knowledge; undertake research and inquiry; work collaboratively; engage in discussion; produce their own artefacts; or evidence their learning through assessment (e.g. Laurillard, 2002). For each tool, we’ve also included examples of how this can be used by teaching teams and students, and linked to additional resources.

Some tools serve multiple purposes, and facilitate different types of learning – this resource will help you identify these different uses so you can create a more integrated and streamlined learning experience for your students, and for you.

For now, the Digital Learning Environments Guide is available as an interactive PDF, but we’re working on creating an interactive webpage to make it easier for you to choose the tools that are right for you and your students.

Access the Digital Learning Environments Guide interactive PDF today and find the platforms and tools that best suit your needs.



  • Laurillard, D. (2002). Rethinking university teaching: A conversational framework for the effective use of learning technologies (2nd ed.). London: Routledge Falmer. doi:10.4324/9780203304846
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