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We’ve launched a new resource to support Deakin University teaching staff designing and delivering digital assessment. With the rapid transition to fully-online learning in Trimester 1, 2020 due to COVID-19 we were required to make significant changes to Deakin University’s assessment practices. This new resource showcases some of the innovative work staff have done this year and reflects on the long-term vision for digital assessment at Deakin.

Instigated by Prof Helen Partridge (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Teaching and Learning), a working group headed by Darci Taylor (Senior Lecturer, CloudFirst Redesign) created the resource in collaboration with staff from multiple divisions and faculties across the University.


Combining pedagogy and technical information

The resource combines the pedagogy and technical information of how teaching staff might implement different types of digital assessments, including guidance for the rationale around their decision making and information about support teams within the faculties.

Staff can also learn more about the student experience of each type of digital assessment and read stories from colleagues about what worked well in Trimester 1, what challenges were faced, and what they might change moving forward. As we continue to deliver digital assessments for Trimester 2 and beyond, we will continue to update the resources with new information and use cases to support our teaching staff.


Types of digital assessment

Here’s some examples of the different types of digital assessment that can be found in the resource.

Online practical assessment

Staff can learn how students can perform a laboratory-style practical activity for an assessor live in real-time via a digital platform. They can learn how Dr Alecia Bellgrove used live Zoom sessions with slideshows of specimens and quizzes delivered through CloudDeakin to replicate lab-based practical assessment for Marine Biology.

Team based learning

Team based learning (TBL) is a highly structured teaching strategy designed to accelerate the acquisition of discipline specific knowledge and transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and critical thinking (Currey et al. 2020). Staff can learn how Prof Alex Gentle and Dr Simon Backhouse transitioned their campus-based TBL for Optometry to a fully online model using BB Collaborate with break-out rooms for individual team based discussions and InteDashboard for delivery of assessment material.

Time-restricted online assessment

Time-restricted online assessments covers a broad range of assessments. It includes written assessments or tasks that are often delivered online using the CloudDeakin ‘dropbox’ and usually have a traditional due date or strict deadline. The resource delves into how Dr Dilal Saundage’s Business Analytics students used industry specific software like WordPress and Tableau to create a data visualization artefact that they could share with future employers.​​​​​​​

To read more about these examples, or to explore the many other types of digital assessment types included in the resource, Deakin staff can access designing and delivering digital assessment on DeakinHub.

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