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29 September 2020

Resources to support online collaboration

As educators, facilitating collaboration online can be challenging. That’s why we have put together training and support resources for Deakin staff to help facilitate collaboration in teaching and learning. Visit the Training resources SharePoint site created for examples of pedagogical approaches and software for use in teaching and learning, or browse through some of the best resources to get you started. 

Learning through digital collaboration in the 21st century 

As our world continues to change, the complex ways we stay connected and engaged are continually evolving. This is highlighted in the education space and our guide to Learning through digital collaboration in the 21st century explores ways to optimise connection and learning online. The PDF resource explores different types of interaction, how we can learn through those interactions and the different types of collaboration that can be present. 

Collaboration use cases 

The collaborative learning conceptual framework captures four types of teaching and learning: collaborative, cooperative, connected, and social. The Collaboration use cases library reflects the different types of collaboration and contexts across the University in teaching and learning. The use cases share how collaboration was achieved in a range of units and some examples of software that were employed to support this. 

Microsoft Teams use case library 

Microsoft Teams is an industry-based software that facilitates collaboration through chat, discussion, team meetings, artefact generation, and project management. The Microsoft Teams use case library shares different use cases at Deakin and how the platform is being used in teaching and learning. Resources include downloadable PDFs and videos on the use of Teams across the faculties of Arts and Education, SEBE and Business and Law, as well as its application in Students-as-Partners projects.  

Join the Demystifying Digital Community of Practice 

The Demystifying Digital Community of Practice is a Yammer group to share tips, advice and positive experiences of using digital tools available at Deakin. It could be a feature in Zoom that helped to create a brilliant workshop experience, an app in MS Teams that enhances collaboration, an option in H5P that has created a brilliant online interactive experience, or perhaps a digital wellbeing tip that has a positive impact on you – the options are endless! The goal of the group is cross pollination of digital knowledge, boosting Deakin’s digital capability, and assisting everyone to connect and share more broadly with each other. 

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