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How do you facilitate collaboration online? We know this can be challenging online, so we have put together some resources to get you started.


Learning through digital collaboration in the 21st century

As our world continues to change, the complexities of how we stay connected and engaged is continually present. This is highlighted in the education space and the collaboration conceptual framework was developed to underpin the ways in which we are connecting and learning online. It explores the different types of interaction, how we can learn through those interactions and the different types of collaboration that can be present. The digital collaboration conceptual framework explores the different types of interaction that occurs in this space.


Collaboration use case library

The conceptual framework captures four types of collaboration in teaching and learning: collaborative, cooperative, connected, and social. There are many use cases that reflect the different types of collaboration across the University. There is not one piece of software that enables every type of collaboration, and the collaboration use case library outlines the different teaching and learning contexts and how this was achieved in different units. To review, go to the Collaboration Use Case Library.


Microsoft Teams use case library

Microsoft Teams is an industry-based software that facilitates collaboration through chat, discussion, team meetings, artefact generation, and project management. Want to know more about the different use cases at Deakin and how it is being used in teaching and learning? To review, go to the Microsoft Teams Use Case Library.


Collaboration software training resources

It can be challenging to know what different software is available and how these can be used in the teaching and learning context. We have created a set of training resources with the pedagogical approaches and how to get started with different software in your teaching. The resources have been organised and presented in short videos for you to access at your leisure. To review the training resources available, explore the Training Resources SharePoint page.


Join the Demystifying Digital Community of Practice

A Yammer Community of Practice has been developed to share tips, advice and positive experiences of using the digital tools that are available at Deakin. It could be a feature in Zoom that helped to create a brilliant workshop experience, an App in MS Teams that enhances collaboration, an option in H5P that has created a brilliant online interactive experience, or perhaps a digital wellbeing tip that has had a great impact on you – the list is endless! The goal; cross pollination of digital knowledge, boosting Deakin’s digital capability, and assisting everyone to connect and share more broadly with each other. Join the Demystifying Digital Community of Practice now.

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