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The 2020 ePortfolio Australia Forum will be virtually hosted by Deakin University with the theme of ‘Digital Identity – Ethics and Experience’. 

Portfolios are curated collections of artefacts that showcase student learning, capabilities, experiences and professional identity. They allow students to demonstrate achievement, learning and development across their learning experience and career. Not only do portfolios allow students to showcase these achievements and their developing professional identity to potential employers, they also help students identify their own learning and areas for further development. Using portfolios across courses can assist students in creating connections between units and help them see how their learning experiences are linked to their desired career.

Two fabulous keynote speakers have been secured for the 2020 ePortfolio Australia forum. On Day 1, Inger Mewburn Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, Director of Research Training, ANU aka The Thesis Whisperer will draw on her extensive personal experiences on social media and how this practice helps to create digital footprints to deliver ‘How I learned to relax and love Linkedin’.

In contrast, on Day 2 Jeanette Cheah Jeanette Cheah, CEO and Founder at Hacker Exchange will draw on her insights from working with thousands of student entrepreneurs to give an eclectic address on ‘Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Digital Identity’.

Join ePortfolio enthusiasts around the country on 29 and 30 October, 2020 to participate in a diverse mix of workshops, graduate and student panels, networking, collegial discussions and sharing of latest updates on ePortfolios.

For more information visit 2020 ePortfolio Australia Forum Online.

Deakin University is currently evaluating major ePortfolio platforms (Pebblepad and Portfolium) and are working with faculties to embed ePortfolio thinking and activities in courses and units. For more information and embedding Portfolios in your course, please visit DTeach Portfolio

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