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We’re excited to announce that the Deakin Learning Futures Teaching and Learning Induction Portal is now accessible on DeakinHub.

This resource was developed collaboratively through a joint project with Human Resources and faculty teaching and learning leaders to complement the other layers of induction at Deakin that welcome new members to our community. Structured information is offered to assist new academic and professional staff to understand their roles in teaching and learning in the Deakin context. The resource is integrated with the new Deakin Teaching Capability Framework.

The staff journey begins with a basics page, a quick reference for finding what you need to teach at Deakin, which will be especially useful for those in new casual and short-term roles. The rest of the portal offers timely and targeted access to a range of curated resources and supports. Information on key topics is offered, like tips on teaching a first class, assessment, growing your career, student engagement and retention, academic integrity, the CloudFirst approach and more. New staff can access information on gettting started at Deakin, and they are also invited to return and see what’s next in their development. The Teaching and Learning Induction Portal also includes the recently launched Deakin Student Support Services Map for staff, an interactive, comprehensive resource to consult for referral of students to support, services and information.

Information is tailored for what people need to know. For example, some Unit Chairs and Course Directors teach, and others do not. Teaching and learning leaders, who are also active members of a teaching team, can access materials and resources suited to both aspects of their roles. There is specific information for other teaching team members and those in learning and teaching support roles. This includes demonstrators, learning designers, educational technologists, academic developers, Work Integrated Learning and Student Experience teams, careers staff, librarians, student support services teams and many more.

The focus of the project will now move to road-testing and refining the portal over time and to developing related synchronous supports. Please share your feedback with us using the email facility on the site! Other future directions include developing a third level of the resource where some ‘going beyond’ scenarios and case studies can be used to support the development of excellent practice in the key topic areas. We will again collaborate closely with our faculty partners on that work.

Click here to visit the Deakin Learning Futures Teaching and Learning Induction Portal.

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