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AUGUST, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on digital learning and teaching within the higher education sector. A team of teaching and learning staff across Deakin University have created the Tales of Teaching Online podcast to share their stories and expertise as they transition their teaching online.  

Deakin has a well-established reputation in the area of digital learning, as a pioneer in distance education in Australia and a rapidly growing cohort of over 15,000 online students. In spite of this, the sudden pivot to online learning for all students provided numerous challenges, with little time for teaching and learning staff to meaningfully redesign face-to-face activities for the online environment.  

These teachers’ stories of transitioning teaching online highlight what works, what doesn’t and how educators can work rapidly to innovate in digital learning. Put simply, these stories matter: with so much changing in the digital learning space, this resource helps us to explore what premium online learning content looks like now, as we adjust to our ‘new normal’, and the different learning experiences we need to create into the future. 

The Hosts 

Join A/Prof. Chie Adachi (Director, Digital Learning), A/Prof. Marcus O’Donnell (Director, Cloud Learning Futures), Dr Jo Elliott (Lecturer, Digital Learning Innovation) and Joan Sutherland (Senior Educational Developer) as they capture, share and celebrate the stories of teaching staff who share their personal experiences and provide insights into what is needed to innovate in the digital learning space. These insights into what they have learnt along the way, what has worked, and what they are doing to further enhance the teaching and learning experience at Deakin can influence your teaching practice 

Topics range from the power of social media during COVID-19 through to facilitating connection through digital polling in the online space.   

Listen to Tales of Teaching Online 

Click on this link to follow the Tales of Teaching Online – or simply search ‘Tales of Teaching Online’ in SoundCloud to listen to fortnightly podcasts. 

For more information and updates about teaching online please refer to the Transitioning Teaching Online homepage here.

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