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JULY, 2020
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With thousands of our students relying on poor internet and studying in noisy environments at the moment, our new tools Blackboard Ally and Kaltura Reach couldn’t have come at a better time.

Alternative formats for CloudDeakin resources (Blackboard Ally)

Students (or staff) had downloaded alternative formats using Blackboard Ally for nearly 2500 CloudDeakin resources by July 15—just three days into Week 1. The most popular format was ePub, which optimises viewing for iPads and e-readers, but low-bandwidth html and tagged PDF were also well used. Audio versions were also in high numbers, for those students who like to listen while driving, exercising, etc. Students requesting downloads were from across faculties, from 760 units.

Blackboard Ally also provides automated accessibility scores for CloudDeakin resources in Instructor view, and instructions to fix accessibility issues identified in each resource. Teachers/designers had launched these instructions more than 1000 times, and fixed 48 resources in 25 units.

More information on using Blackboard Ally

Automatic captions for DeakinAir videos (Kaltura Reach)

In the same period more than 3000 new videos were uploaded into DeakinAir, each of which will now have automatic captions available to students with a click on the CC button on the video toolbar, thanks to Kaltura Reach. The captions have 75-85% accuracy and can be edited easily. Automatic captions can also be requested for existing videos.

More information on using Kaltura Reach





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