Guide for Online Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placements and Projects
JULY, 2020

Digital Teaching & Learning 

An interim guide to assist WIL practitioners who are newly offering placements and major projects online instead of face-to-face has recently been released for comments. The guide has been produced by a cross institutional research team who are currently investigating virtual Work Integrated Learning for a project funded by ACEN. This guide was developed by Freiderika Kaider, Harsh Suri and Wayne Read from Deakin, together with Leoni Russell from RMIT and Annette Marlow from the University of Tasmania. A version specific to Deakin has also been developed.

The guide covers pedagogical practice as well as technological considerations. A final guide will be released once the team has collected and analysed their data, anticipated by the end of the year. Feedback and input would be most welcome via email to


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