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JUNE, 2020

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What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a digital polling software that enables you to interact with your students synchronously and asynchronously with live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more. It enables you to engage students through considered questions that, if well designed, and the purpose explained, can be used to create a constructive learning dialogue between you and your students.


Why use Mentimeter in your teaching?

Digital polling is extensively used across Deakin University and we found out different ways in which it has been applied to teaching and learning. With the shift to wholly online this trimester, Mentimeter can be used for a variety of reasons including the following: 

  • Increase student engagement; 
  • Reinforce threshold concepts; 
  • More rapid feedback loops; 
  • Create a sense of cohort; 
  • Self-reflection; and 
  • Assessment preparation. 

If you would like to explore the different question types and how different questions can be used in your teaching, review this exampleThis example is taken from a workshop so you can see the functionality of the different question types. By clicking on this link, you will also be able to copy it to your account and amend for your context.  


How do you get a license?

That’s simple – we have purchased an enterprise wide license so everyone across Deakin University can have access to digital polling software. To access your license, please follow these instructions to sign up now.  

If you already have a free license, our enterprise wide license enables you to have access to all the Mentimeter features so upgrade your account by clicking ‘Login with SSO’ and following the same instructions above.  


Is there PowerPoint integration?

The PowerPoint integration can be used to embed individual slides into your PowerPoint presentation and the results will appear synchronously. To embed Mentimeter slides into your PowerPoint, follow the instructions below: 

Please note: if you are using Zoom or BBC Ultra to facilitate your synchronous session, it is relatively straight forward to navigate between Mentimeter and PowerPoint. Don’t forget, Mentimeter can also be used asynchronously, so you can also embed it into D2L. If you would like to learn more about how to do this visit the following resources:  

How to navigate between Mentimeter and PowerPoint using Zoom I want to navigate between Mentimeter and PowerPoint using BBC Ultra


Have you thought about Mentimeter asynchronously?

Mentimeter is a digital polling solution that can be used asynchronously and embedded into CloudDeakin. There are a couple of ways in which this can be done, please explore below.



I want to be able to embed a Mentimeter presentation into CloudDeakin so students can go through it at their own pace and see the responses of their peers.  I want to embed a Mentimeter link in CloudDeakin for students to respond to a series of questions and then have the responses shared with them at a later stage.  


Need more help to get started?

DTeach: Digital Polling Resources – this resource outlines a range of resources that include both pedagogical and technical considerations when implementing Mentimeter into your teaching practice.

Mentimeter Help Centre – if you have a question that isn’t answered on DTeach, why not ask Mentimeter directly. They have many different resources that are available for you to review and find the answer to your questions.


Want to see how Mentimeter is being used in the faculties?

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Arts and Education

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