Inspiration Day 2020 recap: Empowering pedagogies with FeedbackFruits


JUNE, 2020

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On Friday June 5th, Deakin University, in collaboration with Griffith University, hosted the first Australian FeedbackFruits Inspiration Day: Empowering Pedagogies with FeedbackFruits.

The shift to an online webinar format didn’t dampen any enthusiasm, with 178 participants from across Australia and the globe gathering to share ideas and strategies for developing students’ evaluative judgements and teamwork skills.

Our wonderful presenters, Tiffany Gunning and Catherine Fraser from Deakin, Jess Co from Monash University, Kirsten Black and Omid Ameri from Victoria University, and Fiona Baird from Griffith University, shared case studies of how they worked with their students to address their feedback literacy and evaluative judgement skills, using FeedbackFruits’ suite of active learning tools. Wilco te Winkel (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) and Joost Verdoorn (FeedbackFruits) discussed their innovation project of developing an automated feedback tool powered by AI, to provide students with formative feedback on assessment drafts – in particular for their academic writing skills. They reported on great feedback from students and staff alike from the first trials of the tool. Participants also got some early insights into FeedbackFruits’ latest developments, including tools to support active and team-based learning!


Teamwork can be a challenge, especially online, but the Inspiration Day organisers practiced what they preached, with a cross-institutional, cross-national (and cross-timezone!) team of hosts and facilitators working busily behind the screens to deliver the Inspiration Day. Thank you to all who joined us.


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Missed the Inspiration Day, or just want a refresher? The presentations and recordings are available on the FeedbackFruits website.

To find out more about how you can use FeedbackFruits in your own teaching, check out the resources here on DTeach or contact

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