Transitioning Teaching Online: Meet the people teaching with Microsoft Teams


MAY, 2020
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Microsoft Teams can help you facilitate teamwork and collaboration in your teaching. In this conversation, facilitated by DLF’s Joan Sutherland, three Deakin staff share their experiences of using Microsoft Teams and how it has benefitted them and their students. They also share advice and tips for any staff considering using Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning.  


Who will you hear from? 

A/Professor Bardo Fraunholz
As the Unit Chair of the Business Management Capstone unit, with at least a quarter of his cohort cloud campus students, the traditional classroom set up didn’t work. As a capstone unit, Bardo needed an environment where students could immerse themselves in the content, interact with their peers and connect with real clients external to Deakin. He sought a solution within the University, including the LMS and other third-party tools, but these did not suit the needs of the unit, so he began to explore Microsoft Teams.  

Jesse McMeikan  
The School of IT runs a large-scale Industry Capstone Program spanning four core units across all disciplines within the School. Students are grouped into agile multidisciplinary teams and work on a final year industry-based project that is continuously improved and expanded on over multiple years. Jesse was part of a team that undertook a major course revision in 2019 to focus on how they could enhance the student experience through industry relevant task design; improving communication and professional skills, and increasing collaboration within the School to scale delivery up to 1000 concurrent students each trimester. They trialled different tools but there were challenges with each, until they adopted Microsoft Teams; this helped to manage such a large cohort due to its integration of Deakin Single Sign On and its vast array of features and integrations which support agile project delivery.  

Dr Elicia Lanham  
As a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Dr Elicia Lanham has implemented Microsoft Teams in a large first-year unit in response to COVID-19 and will share her experiences about how it has impacted the learning experience from a teacher and a learner perspective. She has also implemented the use of the MS Teams “Live Event” function to delivery Class materials across campuses and will share what she has learnt from this endeavour. 


For more information and updates on teaching online please refer to the Transitioning Teaching Online homepage here.
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