CloudFirst102 Workshop 2  – Online presence and facilitating online learning


MAY, 2020

Digital Learning
Teaching & Learning

Learning Innovations

Last chance to participate in the CloudFirst DIY Lockdown workshops!

While the previous sessions were part of a continuous sequence, this one can be attended as standalone, and is a subject all of us are currently tackling:

How do I effectively facilitate online learning?

This session is designed to you help you:

  • Develop strategies for building your online presence and managing discussion forums
  • Create an active learning session plan that build on online unit materials

Join the CloudFirst senior lecturer Darci Taylor and Director of Active Learning, Judy Currey for this final session in the current series.


Monday’s sessions is sold out and has changed to Tuesday 26th May at 2:00pm

Wednesday and Friday sessions still have some places left.

Wednesday 27th May at 2:00pm – Register here.

Friday 29th May at 11:00am – Register here.

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