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APR, 2020
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As we transition online, there is a need for synchronous software to create a sense of connection within the cohort; enable students to actively engage with their peers; and for ‘real-time’ feedback from teachers and students. Although our recommendation is to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra whenever possible as it is integrated with CloudDeakin and comes with adequate support, we recognise there are times where you will be using Zoom.

Zoom is a cloud-based platform that facilitates video and audio conferencing that was initially implemented by Deakin University for use in meetings. However, in response to COVID-19 and the need for synchronous software that was accessible in China, Zoom was purchased as a solution. Despite the seemingly quick implementation, eSolutions has been working hard to consolidate all premium Zoom users at Deakin to one enterprise since late last year and due to the need, implementation of Zoom was expedited to early this year.

Recently, Zoom has seen an unprecedented uptake of their service and as a result there has been several incidences where cybercriminals look for vulnerabilities in the system. This has been referred to as ‘Zoom-bombing’ where unwanted third parties gain access to your synchronous session and share material. To mitigate the risk of this happening we have created guidelines around the settings to ensure third parties cannot access your content. We have created this Zoom guide that outlines the recommended settings for you to facilitate your synchronous session.

To find out more about Zoom-bombing and ways to prevent it, please visit Cybersecurity@Deakin.

For more information and updates please refer to the Transitioning Teaching Online homepage here.

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