CloudFirst: DIY Lockdown Edition


APR, 2020

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As staff have been transitioning T1 units online, many are already thinking about what they might do for T2. While everyone is doing an amazing job in this tough environment, as is the Deakin way, there is a desire to take it to the next level! To support you in doing this, the CloudFirst Team have created a number of self-paced resources and online workshops where you can work with the team to create engaging online learning experiences in a ‘lockdown’ edition of CloudFirst.

You can learn more about these resources in the following video:

(Download Accessible Transcript)

If you would like to access the self-paced CloudFirst101 and CloudFirst102 courses, please contact us at

If you would like to register for the workshops (and gain access to the CloudFirst101/102 courses), please do so via the Eventbrite registration below.

Please note, to get the most out of the workshops you will be expected to complete a small amount of pre-work within CloudFirst101/102 prior to attending the workshop.

It is also recommended that you attend all 3 workshops in CloudFirst 101 and/or both workshops in CloudFirst 102.


CloudFirst 101

CloudFirst 102

For further information:

Please visit and bookmark the Transitioning Teaching Online site which contains helpful articles to help you transition your practice to the digital space.

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