Transitioning Teaching Online – Supporting Staff to Support our Students
APR, 2020
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Many academic and professional staff are on the frontline when it comes to supporting, guiding and enabling students to be successful through their university journey, both academically and personally.

Students may approach staff when they’re struggling with personal difficulties – from relationship problems to mental health issues – that fall outside your area of expertise. It can be challenging to know how, or even if, to assist the student and where to direct them for professional help.

As part of Deakin’s ongoing commitment to prioritising the health and wellbeing of our entire University community, we’re launching an online staff Student Support and Referral resource.

This staff resource includes the following information:

  • Information on how to deal with a student emergency or a student in distress
  • Direct referral paths to priority services, including:
  • sexual harm
  • problem student behaviour
  • counselling and psychological support
  • medical services
  • International student support
  • multiple or complex student needs
  • disability support
  • student misconduct and complaints
  • Advice on what services are available and how students can access them
  • Links to helpful tools, apps and resources that help students to manage their own needs, where appropriate.

Please take the time to visit the resource and familiarise yourself with its contents. You can bookmark this site for future use, and you can also access the resource in DeakinSync for staff, in the top navigation under Student Support.

We welcome, your feedback so please email with any suggestions for improvement. Phase two will link this referral resource into our new staff intranet and incorporate enhancements, including links to student articles that staff can share, search and bookmark functionality plus a broader range of services and resources.


It has never been more important to know how and where to refer students than now during the current COVID-19 situation. All articles have been updated to reflect the current service offering including online appointments, consultations, or accepting referrals. Article will be reverted when regular service offerings resume.

Staff wellbeing is equally important

It’s also important to recognise that staff who support students in distress may experience some distress or impact on themselves. We’re committed to supporting staff through any difficult situation with a range of staff support services, including contacting your manager or team leader or reaching out to the staff Employee Assistance Program.

In the current challenging environment, it’s more important than ever for our Deakin community to prioritise the health and wellbeing. We hope the Student Support and Referral resource helps us all achieve this goal.

For more information and updates please refer to the Transitioning Teaching Online homepage here.

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