Ensuring academic integrity and assessment security with redesigned online delivery


MAR, 2020

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This guide is designed to assist unit chairs with redesigning assessment, to suit fully online delivery, without invigilated exams.

Some assessments can easily move to online delivery or submission some assessment will need to be redesigned to ensure that quality and rigour are maintained.


  1. Academic integrity, assessment security and digital assessment – outlines the latest research on how to keep digital assessment tasks secure.
  2. Three key questions to guide redesigning exams for online delivery – provides prompts to help unit chairs work through design decisions
  3. Redesigning exams: decision helper – provides a decision tree to assist unit chairs move exams to new formats
  4. Examples of converting single answer correct/MCQ questions to a unique answer format
  5. Tips for moving practical exams or assessments to online equivalents
  6. Tips for moving complex unique response exams (eg essay style) to online equivalents

The Research

The CRADLE team have conducted a range of projects on assessment security and academic integrity, including work on detecting contract cheating (including a CRADLE Suggests resource), the quality of contract cheated work, and the security of online examinations.

For more information and updates please refer to the Transitioning Teaching Online homepage here.

Download the guide mentioned above here.

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