What is Digital Learning Innovation at Deakin? A Framework for the Future


JAN, 2020

Teaching & Learning
Digital Innovation

On the 10th of December 2019, divisional representatives from across the university met to workshop a new framework to define digital learning innovation at Deakin and to capture the collective perspective of this diverse cohort. The event also marked the launch of new resources, available here, for the current Digital Learning Environments (DLE3 – i.e. Self & Peer Assessment, Portfolio, and Collaboration) tools that are in the process of development and integration. The event was facilitated by Deakin Learning Futures’ Digital Learning Innovations team alongside workshop facilitator Mike Stevenson.

Staff were prompted to reflect on their experiences of digital learning innovations at Deakin, as well as the various phases and activities that they believe typically define success in both the development and integration of new tools. Conversations were diverse and rich with creativity.

Throughout the day, groups used their reflections to identify pathways that might be considered best practice for digital learning innovation in higher education. While these paths might present certain anxieties that typically accompany change, the opportunities (for both staff and students) generated in the process of both development and integration, almost certainly outweigh this risk. This workshop marked an important first step the creation of a blueprint – for the following design workshops that will be held in the coming months.

The next workshop will be held on the 27th of February 2020 from 9:30AM-4:15PM. Anyone who would like to contribute please fill out this form below:


 For more on the current Digital Learning Innovation projects visit our Digital Learning Environments 3 resource page here.

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