Deakin’s 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference: Teaching Differently


DEC, 2019

Event Recap
Teaching & Learning

Good Practice

A focus on Teaching Differently was the theme for the Deakin Learning and Teaching Conference this year. It proved to be a great framework for showcasing our colleagues’ creativity and commitment to students’ learning at Deakin.

Our keynote, Dr Naomi Winstone, presented on the shift to a dialogic form of feedback that helps students to respond more actively in order to self-regulate their learning development. Dr Winstone’s work has demonstrated that given a more personalized and formative style of feedback, students are able to act upon the academic’s suggestions in further assessment tasks.

Five streams of presentations were held concurrently from 11.15 to 4pm. These streams were grouped under ‘Teaching Differently’, Designing Differently’ ‘Assessing Differently’, ‘Digital Innovations’, ‘Working Collaboratively’ and a stream dedicated to innovative strategies to support and engage students from an inclusive perspective. Fifty, twenty-minute presentations were delivered followed by an extended panel format that included students’ voices. The ‘Elevator Pitch’ was once more a very successful format, performed perfectly by Anna O’Connell, Monique Vermeulen, Shannon Sahlqvist, Amy Sellers and Nick Hartney.

Above from left to right: staff gather downtown for the opening of the conference; Naomi Winstone delivers her keynote; and, Peter Vuong discusses teaching first year students.

Professor Liz Johnson drew the conference to a close and invited everyone to join her for networking on Level 12 where Naomi Winstone helped to launch the book The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education: Improving Assessment Outcomes for Learners, Henderson, M., Ajjawi, R., Boud, & E. Molloy (Eds).

Feedback about the conference noted the depth and breadth of this year’s program. As a result of receiving so many excellent proposals for presentations that outnumbered the venue’s capacity, a second Deakin Conference Day will be held on 25 February. So bookmark that date!


For information on our upcoming workshops, conference abstracts and presentation slides please visit the 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference website here (Deakin Staff Only).

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