A Student’s Perspective of Microsoft Teams with Joan Sutherland & Rahul Masakorala


NOV, 2019

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Above: Joan Sutherland & Rahul Masakorala

Joan Sutherland, Senior Education Developer sits down with Deakin student Rahul Masakorala, to explore his perspective of Microsoft Teams – the good, the bad, and otherwise. 

Collaboration is a hot topic in digital learning, particularly how it can be effectively applied as a learning strategy and to engage students, many of whom arrive with advanced digital experience and expectations. At Deakin University, we aim to augment these experiences with platforms that are used in the relevant industries, so as to ensure our graduates are ready for their world of work.

 The School of IT have done exactly that by reviewing their collaboration projects, consulting with industry and implementing Microsoft Teams to facilitate this collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a ‘collaboration hub’ that operates in 44 languages and is currently used in over 500,000 organisations – including 91% of Fortune 100 companies. So, when the School of IT were sourcing a solution for their collaboration projects that mimicked the world of work, they implemented Microsoft Teams. 

Useful Resources

For more on potential tools in the DLE 3 Collaboration stream and microsoft teams please visit the Collaboration page (staff access).

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