DLF Lunchtime Series #6
WIL at the Course Level


OCT, 2019

Academic Integrity
Teaching & Learning
Teaching Capabilities
Lunchtime Series

Presented by Friedrika Kaider, Lecturer in the Arts & Education Pod, and, Lisa Milne, Lecturer in the Teaching Capability Team, of Deakin Learning Futures.

How can course directors and curriculum developers plan work-integrated learning strategically across the length of a degree?

In this presentation, Friederika and Lisa focussed on an authentic assessment framework that can guide the implementation of WIL at a course level. The framework demonstrates a progressive implementation approach from introductory WIL assessment (low proximity to a workplace) through to highly authentic assessment with high proximity to a workplace. An important discussion about the WIL needs of international students in post-graduate courses was facilitated in this interactive presentation.

Contact Friedrika Kaider or Lisa Milne for more information. The presentation is available via this PowerPoint


Useful Resources

The WIL at Course Level Powerpoint

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