Teaching with Microsoft Teams
AUG, 2019

Teaching & Learning
Good Practice
Digital Innovation

Associate Professor and the Director of Postgraduate Programs, Bardo Fraunholz sits down with Joan Sutherland, Senior Education Developer to explore how he implemented Microsoft Teams into his teaching and learning practice.  


As the Unit Chair of the Business Management Capstone unit, with at least a quarter of his cohort cloud campus students, the traditional classroom set up didn’t work. As a capstone unit, Bardo needed an environment where students could immerse themselves in the content, interact with their peers and connect with real clients external to Deakin. He sought a solution within the University, including the LMS and other third-party tools, but these did not suit the needs of the unit, so he began to explore Microsoft Teams.

Listen to Bardo and Joan explore why he implemented Microsoft Teams, how he implemented it, the challenges he faced along the way, and what other teaching teams can learn from his experience.

Useful Resources

For more on potential tools in the DLE 3 Collaboration stream and microsoft teams please visit the Collaboration page (staff access).

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